Selecting Granite for Your Countertop

Granite kitchen countertops are gaining popularity due to their unique beauty and durability. They come in many color variations and patterns, which makes selecting the appropriate granite for your kitchen countertop such an intricate process. Browns and beiges are safe bets for countertops while blacks tend to give your kitchen a classic, elegant look. You want to choose granite that is most compatible with the decor of your home. When choosing the type of granite that will work for your countertop, it all depends on the size of your kitchen, the color of the cabinets, how much natural light the kitchen gets, the color of the walls and the type of flooring in place.

Darker countertops tend to give the kitchen a gloomy look, while lighter countertops make it seem more spacious. If your kitchen gets little to no natural light, your best option will be to choose a granite that contains large amounts of white, gold or light-colored specks. For a kitchen that receives a lot of natural light, dark colors like blue, mahogany and black are a great choice. The thicker the granite is, the longer the distance it can span. You need to know the surface size that you will be covering in order to choose the correct type of granite. The average granite slab is 9’x5′, and if your surface is on a larger scale, you may need multiple slabs to cover it all.

The edge design for your countertop can be shaped in a variety of ways, including flat, beveled, curved or rounded. It is important that you make sure the edge you choose matches the corner of your surface. If the options are too overwhelming to make a conclusion on your own, consult Beautiful Kitchens for the expertise to select the appropriate granite that will enhance the splendor of your kitchen.