Choosing a Countertop Edge Style

Each granite edge style is unique and offers a different look to your countertop.

Depending on the personality and design of your kitchen, there are many options to choose from when selecting the cut for the granite countertops in your Staten Island home. Curves, angles and lines are used together, resulting in a unique look that will add sophistication and style to your kitchen. One of the most popular granite cuts commonly used in contemporary designs is the eased edge. With its cleanliness and simplicity, it gives a countertop the thickest look. The eased edge has a square appearance like that of a sharp straight edge or knife cut, with “easing” of the corners to make it less harsh. Offering a smoother appearance, the half bullnose edge is similar to the eased edge, but rounded off at the top. It offers a smooth surface to show a larger cross section of your stone.

The demi bullnose edge is gradually rounded on the top with a sharper edge on the bottom. Very smooth and flowing, it is a great choice if you want your countertop to appear thicker. Another popular type of cut is the full bullnose edge which is rounded from top to bottom and complements any kitchen style. This cut gives your countertop a thinner and softer look. There are no edges that could chip and the lack of any extra details or grooves make it easy to clean.

If you’re seeking a more angled look, the beveled edge gives your countertop a 45 degree cut at the top of the stone with a sharp bottom edge. An ogee edge has an “S” shape and more intricate details, providing a more traditional look. It adds an elegant touch to decorative designs, but requires more cleaning due to its curves and grooves. The chiseled edge is the most modern looking with its rough qualities and appears like a naturally broken piece of granite.

With extensive experience in kitchen design and installation of both cabinets and granite countertops in Staten Island, Beautiful Kitchens and More can assist you in selecting the perfect cut to fit the style of your home.